Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Morning

I was in the middle of sleep. Somebody rang the bell of my house. I wake up and soon started to find you around me. You were not there. I looked in the other room. You were not there. Where have you gone?

The bell rang again.

I went to check the door. My friend was on the door. I opened the door.

I turned around and again started to think about you. Little anxious now! Where have you gone without telling me. It never happens that you do not tell me before going anywhere. Why suddenly you have disappeared.

Just then I realized that u were never there. I was in some other world. A world created by me. A balloon filled with dreams. World inside a chocolate cake!

I Came back to sleep again. As soon as I closed my eyes I got you. My eyes did not let me feel you around me. Now I could see your face. You live in this world. My world!

I slept peacefully never to wake up again. I want to stay with you forever.

It was around 0600 hrs in the morning. My phone rang. I wake up. You again disappeared. I picked up the phone. It was you saying “Good Morning”.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gandhi Jayanti Vs Eid Mubaarak

All the mails are still alive in my mind. There is a discussion about the bomb blasts and hindu muslim thing in one of the forums I am a member of. So we (as we all are the member of that forum and know all the guys involved) followed the discussion and put forth all the brilliant stuff all night long.

Today is 2nd October and about 0830 Hrs in the morning. I have to go to borivali station to pick my friend who is coming to Mumbai to visit me. I took an auto from marole to andheri station and then I will take a train from there to reach borivali. Local train again. All these mails about bomb blasts did nothing but made me think more and more about it. And the more I think the more I get worried. Bombay is not safe. Being Gandhi Jayanti today it becomes a perfect occasion too. I hate it when Gandhi ji is in any way connected to such mishappenings. His birthday gives a reason for people to plant bombs and kill each other. Occasion, as it should be called. His soul must be aching with utter disgust and he must have cursed himself of either his birth or the fact that he is Gandhi. He must have reconsidered his whole life and preferred to remain a common man. See the power of evil.

As I was moving in auto I noticed something really fresh about the day. I noticed few hoarding greeting Eid mubaarak. I confirmed with the auto guy. Today is Eid. After a few initial thoughts of my personal experiences about the festival I came back to bomb blast series. I suddenly felt relaxed and you know why. I felt that today there cannot be any bomb blast. At least today there wont be any. No logics here. This is a pure gut feeling.

May be the discussions we always have, may be my limited knowledge of all these mishappening or may be because of all the bollywood movies I see. I don’t know why I reach to such a conclusion with such invalid premises.

I reached to one more conclusion and this time also the premises are invalid. I think god only scheduled everything in such a way that the two occasions clashed together and peace won the battle. I said the premises to be invalid as I don’t believe in god, at least not the kind we generally talk about (temple and/or mosque and/or church type).

Today is 3rd october around afternoon and I am relaxed. I know that there was no big nuisance yesterday and everything went well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


पानी में अपनी परछाई देख,
मैं घबरा गया,
सोचा एक ही बहुत था,
एक और कहाँ से आ गया,

हवा के धक्के से ये लगा की,
गिर ना जाऊं कहीं,
ख़ुद के इस प्रतिबिम्ब से,
मिल ना जाऊं कहीं,

ख़ुद को ख़ुद से अलग रखना,
हम सभी जानते हैं,
और फिर भी बिना प्रतिबिम्ब के,
स्वयं को पूरा मानते हैं....