Thursday, February 9, 2012

Empty Spaces

Once she leaves me alone in the bed,
I do not have any choice but to rest,
I look around for the things she left,
I get nothing but an empty space,

Space where she was sleeping,
With her own cozy soften tenderness,
And when I have nothing to grab,
I grab a piece of softness from her bed,

I turn around and sleep in her place,
Just to check whether I am still awake,
Thinking and smelling her presence,
She was certainly there in that empty space,

It made me wonder that I can feel her,
I still remember that chilling winter,
I was sleeping alone, talking to her,
So loud and so much clear,

Let me sleep at least in the empty space,
Let me catch her all over again,
Let me be with this little thought,
Let me live with her a little more…