Monday, October 26, 2009

Painting and drawing the happiness

The ‘Reinvent Yourself’ class started with the introduction of the professor. I will not write the events as they happened but would pick them in a little different manner. So here you go…

I wish my name would have been happy singh. ‘Why’ you will ask and the reason is very simple. As soon as the professor told us to draw or paint happiness, people would have come to me and painted me with colors. On a more serious note, suppose if we would have had a girl named khushi or happy rani in the class. Phewww…no more serious thinking I guess.

So to continue on a rather light weight issue of identifying the happiness spread around us and then giving it a shape was truly a great exercise and can safely be assumed as a common thread of the full 3 days of rehabilitation. Don’t you consider yourself a little stuck in the present habit regime and want to shift to the next vicious circle of few better habit regimes and this time with lots of attitude and skill. So to rehabilitate yourself you must go through the full program and after that you will be reinvented. You will be able to notice that you sneeze too loud in the office, you have not cleaned the dead skin of your foot since long, half-sleeve shirts and shorts are not so formal, you don’t use hindi in between while talking to somebody, many more things which till now you were safely ignoring.

Attitude and skill, that is what I will be building there. Like a gym where you do the bench press with the weights more than the combined weight of your head, arms, heart and lungs. And this is exactly what I will be doing to build the so called attitude and skill - pressing the benches (classes) , books, quizzes, professors, mentors, seniors, soft targets, hard targets, imaginary targets more than I have done till now. And for that I have got all the reasons now as nobody will ask me ‘why’ are you doing so?

To be a little specific now one among us drew a calendar having all the days of the week as Sundays and was really a wonderful way to draw the happiness. But these guys seem to be a bit ahead in the thinking and Sunday is no more a holiday there. Instead they prefer a Thursday for a holiday. So is it a plan to convert our lazy Sunday happiness into busy working unhappiness of any other day or it is again a part of reinvention that we should start enjoying our busy working unhappiness. They really have the plans of reinventing our happiness it seems. So the next time they tell us to draw the happiness we should draw a calendar having all its days as Thursday and people will think that ‘oh how lovely, this guy seems to be liking his work a lot.’

I am sure I will be a ‘better defined human’ after this whole issue if not a better human. I will be able to draw more and clear pictures of my happiness and the happiness of people around me. So let me walk towards that better defined human and please don’t ask ‘why’!!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

मैं बस बेवजह समय काटना चाहता हूँ....

बेवजह समय काटना,
कितना आसान और कितना मुश्किल,
सुबह से ऐसे बैठा हूँ जैसे काम का अंबार है मुझ पर,
सोचता हूँ ऐसे, जैसे सो ख़्याल हैं दिमाग़ में,
किसको दिखा रहा हूँ, कि व्यस्त हूँ इस अव्यवस्था में,
जीवेन की दौड़ में और रास्ते की खोज में,
परछाई का रंग लाल हो रहा है जैसे,
सूरज कहीं कहीं से फिर खो रहा है जैसे,
पकड़ सकता हूँ अपनी परछाई के रंग को मैं,
ऐसे ही मान जाओगे या कर के दिखाउन मैं,
मेरा रंग जो भी हो परछाई तो रंगीली हो,
अपने मॅन से जो सपने देखूं हू थोड़े तो नशीले हों,
वैसे तो आप ही आप को खिलाते हैं रंगो का ये खाना,
ना जाने काला रंग किसको है निभाना,
रंगहीन सी जिंदगी और रंगीली ये परछाई,
सालों से तस्वीरों में दिखती ये तन्हाई,
निकल कर बाहर आज फिर लुट गयी है,
अव्यवस्थता की गहरी खाई मैं कहीं डूब गयी है,
मेरी तन्हाई दे दो मुझे की मैं नही चाहता रंगो में नहाना,
मैं बस बेवजह समय काटना चाहता हूँ......