Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strong and still going

I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was something which I could not recognize. The second thing also I could not recognize. No wrong. I can not recognize anything. I am in a new world.

I will describe this feeling of coming to a new world if I could. One day. For sure!

All I could manage was a stare. Long and steady. Into the eyes of somebody who was staring at me more intently than me. Strange! He touched my face and his expression changed. That was better than the stare. I also joined him in the change but not for the better. I felt little uneasy and started crying. Nobody taught me to cry if I feel uneasy or to smile, like the other guy, if he is happy. But we both expressed ourselves in most natural way.

He started moving me in all the directions possible and started saying something which I could not understand. I got scared and stopped crying. He smiled again. I bring smile to him even I if cry. Seems his behavior is immune to what I do. Strange again!

I felt something in my stomach and I started crying. Somehow they could make it out and the guy who was holding me opened my mouth and put something in it. I felt better. But I did not know what to do with that. Everybody waited, including me. Then I just gulped it. Nobody taught me to do that either but I did it. I felt better and they put more in mouth and I gulped more. Party time I think!

So today I learned an important lesson. Cry if something is bothering you and you will get the job done.

I must tell you about me now. My name is , I don’t know. They haven’t named me yet. I am one hour old now strong and still going.