Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rose and Daal Chawal

This is a story of rose and daal chawal.
Rose is a little girl. She wants to live her life like a feather.
A feather floating in the air, driving herself through irregular pathways, just letting herself go with the air, just letting herself to be free.
A feather crying quietly on the rain moist leaf of the tree outside her home because its been a while since she has cried and today she just wants to let her heart out.
A feather, when touched to the sensitive skin of a little baby, finally ends up in the giggles by both the baby and the feather.
A Feather safely kept in the personal diary of dal-chawal, in which he has written so many unfinished poems and articles about the love of his life.
Love was the subject he liked in his writings. Incomplete, unfair, painful yet so much needed and so much there.
Let the story begin…