Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Take a Chill Pill and be happy without a Reason

I know I have been writing poems/blogs as stupid as the paintings I make, and it does not benefit anybody in this whole world but that is what I like to do best in my free time, in my busy time, in my extra time and in all sorts of different times I have or I can have. So I am up to it again and will not stop before completing this genius work of art i.e. writing this blog.

In the beginning I wanted to write about happiness but the hangover turned my attention towards headaches. So it is a kind of trivial situation of happiness during headaches, which I think is a little awkward situation to write about. After drinking a couple of liters of water to safely negotiate with the dehydration, my stomach is still swollen with water inside. It is not my controlled tummy but it certainly is the water which is acting as a reason for the abnormal growth. In the midst of everything lunch time has arrived and now I have to oblige the food as its kind consumer.

I ordered for a plate of happiness as the dessert after my lunch. The lunch was very good. Very fulfilling I must say. They call this dessert as happiness as they might intentionally want you to realize the feeling when you eat it. He took more then ten minutes to bring it which is usually high with the standards of this busy restaurant but there might be some purpose of this delay I guess. They might want me to wait for my happiness and then relish it and realize it fully, once I get it.

This is how I am being fed with the happiness now days. I order it, wait for it, eat it, realize it (optional) and then pay for it. These are the few factors on which happiness is dependent. How much is the price (affordable or not), how much I can wait, how much I can eat (too much of it might not be good for health), even after eating I am able to realize it or not, and then whether it deserves the price they have quoted once the time of payment has come. Analytics have frozen my mind and heart too. And my happiness is dependent on the analysis I will be doing after having my share of happiness. Probably I should learn some tricks to sharpen my analytical skills or should do some crash course to be a well analyzed-capable-planned-happy man or should I take a Chill Pill and be happy without a Reason.

Monday, November 9, 2009

हँसना मत मेरी कोशिशों पर

Tring Tring
Me - Hello, may I speak to Chetan please?
Her - May I know who is speaking?
Me – It’s me Vikas, you know me, right?
Her - Yes I know you, so what’s up?
Me - Nothing great, actually I was thinking about you since quiet long and finally believed that I should talk to you about this. I want to meet you once. Will you meet me?
Her - I have told you before also that its very difficult for me to come to meet you.
Me - Just once, its been long since I am thinking about it.
Her - Ok I will think about it.
Me - Cool! I will be there in few more days till then you have all the time to think about it. Chalo will see you then bye and take care.

I was left with a sum of 1 dollar in the prepaid phone card I bought at the port of Jacksonville and this is how I used the card.

My life on board for the next one month was a bit different. I have got one more reason to sign off and do something which I have been craving to do since last 12 years.

She was the first love of my life. And still she is ‘the love’ of my life. She is the one who made me realize that ‘we boys’ are different from ‘those girls’. That was love at first sight. I still remember that sight. Clearly! That is one of the few childhood memories I still carry.

हँसना मत मेरी कोशिशों पर,
मेरी भावनाओ के इस इंद्रधनुष पर,
मानते हैं की जुड़ते नही,
अंत इन अंतहीन इच्छाओं के,

पर मेरी कोशिशों की कुछ तो वजह होगी,
इंद्रधनुष के रंगो में कुछ तो रोशनी होगी,
बेवजह नही बदल देते रंग वक़्त की परिभाषा,
प्यार की कहीं तो कोई सूरत होगी......