Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mental Constipation

Rains have affected the thought process I guess. Though I prevented myself from getting drenched but I guess something is still washing out everything in my mind. Sometimes it’s good to have your drains choked, I suppose. So that you can hold on to your thoughts and ponder upon them! It is good to realize/observe yourself rather than just let the time and the changes in your thought process to go by. So it is good to be a little mentally constipated.
On a different note, why all my drains are open is also a question to ask. May be I was pursuing a temporary goal and was focusing so hard that I forgot to stop by and observe. It happens many a times that you loose interest in the thing which you like to do most. May be because of the temporary goal or is it a sign that I am moving on? Moving on from my present mindset to another one which has different priorities and different goals!

So mental constipation or free flowing change, I do not know what to chose as I told you I am not able to hold on to anything now.