Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self Centered

I do not accept many things which I should have. Even when I know I am wrong. Few things should be the way I want them to be. Not right or wrong. More we learn in life more things from wrong zone shifts to the right zone. Means my domain, to do wrong and still find a reasonable reason to support it, increases. But sadly only my domain to do wrong increases! My expectations domain does not change. I can do wrong but I cannot accept anything wrong. The more I learn or should I say grow, I should be more acceptable, more understanding. Instead I become more particular and more self centered.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Doctors Farm

Doctors Farm
The place belongs to a doctor and indeed he is a doctor. It works like a filtering machine which will filter all your stress and will leave you relaxed. You can call it a nature therapy, a stress buster or a chill pill.
Got up at 0530 Hrs (seems that we have to get ready to go to school) and still could not manage to reach on time. Some unavoidable circumstances, as we always call it. Started at around 0700 Hrs from powai. Reached the first meeting point. A gang of around 30. Off to kolad for the weekend.
First stop at Kamath – Missal paav seems to be the breakfast referred by all the health conscious guys (those who are consciously not doing any exercise even their beer bellies are growing more than the India’s GDP growth rate). Slightly unhealthy breakfast followed by a super cool fag. Not to forget all the crispy chips and juice on the way.
Glowing green seems to be the theme for that particular day. Amazing, glowing, green morning. We reached the place after one more hour of green bath. Thanks to the flawless navigation by G and M and few interruptions by one local cowboy and gaon ki goris who told us the right way to reach the place.
We checked in a dormitory which was designated for girls and girls checked in the rooms far away from us. Everybody jumped in the bed and few like me slept like we have come there to sleep. Then started the typical ‘Boys dormitory’ fun. It was like somebody had pressed a refresh button and all our college days memories got refreshed. One hour of most intellectual session of the trip. Few who were very unlike me took the initiative and decided to go to a waterfall. Seems exciting but not indeed until it was announced that beers will also be following us. These beers, I don’t know how, but reaches almost everywhere we go.
Before leaving for the waterfall we had a small sports break and almost everybody showed their impeccable skills. Sports reveal a totally different self in us.
The way to waterfall was a one way road not by choice but by chance. Our car and a bus had a head on meeting in the middle of the road. Then finally the bus driver agreed to take the bus back to a point from where we can cross each other without colliding. We had to park the cars on a bridge, two ways for a change and we used the other way for parking. So after all this little interruptions we reached to the semi-final destination. Final destination is to have fun and we will reach there too.
The water fall was not very big but enough to bring out the kid in us. We all wanted to reach to the point where it was falling. Few took their own way and few helped others in making it there. Good weather, good company and certainly a very good place to chill and relax.
It was around evening when the second session of the trip began. The party. Half open place like a room with ceiling covered and one side opened to a river and the other to the guest house. The next thing which turned out in the favour of the party was that there was no mobile signal. Place was far away from highway to have network. Nobody was busy on phone. Everybody had to sit there. Party started in a very gentle way. Everybody was having drinks. Quietly talking to the people around. Music in the background. Everybody relaxing. And in between some people will get up and start dancing to the ‘pappu cant dance’ and ‘main tally ho gayi’. Then after a couple of drinks Somebody gave the brilliant idea of making a punch as we used to make in college. They mixed almost everything. Beer, whisky, vodka, black rum, white rum, sprite, water, lemon, ice, few small insects which were flying around, all the tangy sweat and lots of flavor to make it just wonderful.
Party started to pick up the pace faster than us. And we have to take few quickies to reach to the level. The mood was totally changed. Everybody screaming and dancing. Few decently and few not so decently but enjoying. It stretched for about 5 hours. Drinks, dance, music, food, jokes, push-ups, poetry, fun, smiles, laughs, joy. It was just the perfect ending of a wonderful day.
This brings to the end of part one. Part two has got little different experience. Adventurous might be the right word.