Friday, September 26, 2008


Blogging can't keep me busy. Nothing can. I need to have something else to keep me engaged.

By now I was hoping that we got engaged to people, not to some extracurricular activity but somehow it seems that I was totally wrong. We get used to habits rather then anything else. Habit of remembering people, habit of talking to somebody in particular, habit of sharing each and everything we have, habit of living in dreams, habit of accepting the defeat, habit of thinking that I cant live without this habit. Strange!

I am not habitual of any such thing. These all are very carefully taken decision. I decided to love people. See I have grown up. I can decide whom to love and whom not to.

She always used to say that if you love somebody because of any reason, that reason, sooner or later, will loose its meaning and then what. End of the fairy tale. End of a dream run.

Feelings don’t die or do they?

Death doesn't affect the destiny or does it?

Should I fight for life or just accept it as my destiny.

I should better be writing some uninteresting blogs then to ask so many questions.

Chill man. Chillex (Chill + Relax).

Now typically in my own style. Four lines to end this one (Copyrights reserved).

मधु की चाह मैं उड़ता मैं,

तुम पर आकर ठहर गया हूँ,

तुम सुमन बहुत ही कोमल,

मैं स्वार्थी दूषित जीव.

Monday, September 15, 2008


An expolsion and i shatterd into pieces.All my pieces spreaded so far that still i couldnot recollect myself. Major part of whatever i could recollect is here, writing this not-so-very-interesting-note. Few parts are so far that i cannot even think of bringing them back and few are just missing.

I dont like explosions.
I dont even like things tearing apart.

I am afraid, How will i live now, without all my important stuff.

There is a teacher somewhere which teach us to live without the important
stuff, without our own parts, without our loved ones, without our emotions, without the hope. And we, like very good students, always learn to live without it. Everybody proves himself to be the best judge of the situations he is facing and learn to compromise. Like water we take the shape of the glass. Like a kite we fly with the wind. Like a blank paper we let somebody else write something on us.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

पलटकर आज भी देखता हूँ उन यादों को,
फूलों मैं ओस की बूंदों से छुपे थे हम,
रेत पर कुछ नक्शे हमने भी बहुत बनाये,
पिघलती हुई बर्फ मैं हम भी बहुत नहाये,
चलते चलते हम थम गए थे जैसे,
मेरी आँखों के वो सपने जम गए थे कुछ ऐसे,
की जाने क्यों ये चाँद आज भी डरा देता है,
बिस्तर से सोते सोते आज भी जगा देता है...