Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Status Update

It has been three months since I got married and so early my philosophical brain is out of its shell. The simple reason of saying so is that I am writing a blog on my status. Though there are numerous sites which help you in knowing your day to day status as you can update your status in those sites but I guess that is not enough when it comes to your real status. So here is my attempt to understand my status. Status as in mental status only, as writing about physical and situational is either very simple or very complex! So it is like an exam where questions seem difficult just to please the students.

In my quest to understand my status I first thought about what expectations I have from my life. For that matter, I never had any expectations from my life and in continuation with that I never had any expectations from my married life also. So whatever I gain is net profit because there is no cost involved. And even if there is cost at least it is not visible to me. So if I write about my status in few words then it will be something like ’merrily married without too much of expenditure’.

When it comes to my beer drinking status, the data is very depressing and I humbly request the beer lovers not to read beyond this point. As the huge loss to the beer drinking society may lead to very disappointing consequences to the beer loving reader. These days very humbly I take permission from my wife to have a couple of beer. This couple of beer does not extend to more than a couple like old times. It strictly limits to two. But still I thank god because my wife insists me to have a couple of breezer. And having just a couple of breezer is like a punishment, so no punishments please. And as far as status in terms of few words is concern, it should be “come beer, come breezer, come all, come fast”.

The biggest influencer in the status deciding process are like books, movies, a hearty talk etc. its like when I watched shawshank redemption for the nth time, my status changed to “Hope is a good thing, the best of things”. When I finished reading notes to myself my status changed to “the heart loves but moods have no loyalty, moods should be heard but never danced to.” If you had a good talk with your friend your status will be like “life screws us all, it’s only a matter of time.”

And finally when you are not doing anything, which is the case 99 % of the times, then you try to change your status without any purpose and then come the status like “I am bad at deciding what haircut to take”, “busy and available at the same time”, “god, give me some purpose”.

There is a joy in having a good status message I must say, never mind the actual status we are going through but a status message we project should be worth while…