Friday, May 22, 2009

Heat Detector

I am being more and more ambitious now. I want to have a heat or smoke or flame detector fitted in my brain. For the very simple reason that I should get a clear sign before my brain catches fire. A lot of criticism I have faced from self and from others for letting my mind burn and for not able to have a control over this fire. I must criticize god, if at all he is the creator, for making such a faulty machine which does not give alarm. Almost all the machines made by human gives alarm and then you can control the situation before it’s all finished.

Irreversibility of the process/running machinery makes it a complicated issue. The operation/process of all the machines made by man is irreversible. If an engine gives an alarm and you do not attend to it, it will have breakdowns. And once it is done it is done. You can not restore it in the earlier state. That is what we are afraid of and that is specifically why we have alarm equipped machines. So my search for this brain heat detector is now more and more intense. As this can protect me from breakdowns! And certainly I am going to find a technologically (read logically) savvy product soon!

But doubting god’s ability and comparing his ability with ours is not suggested. As it is I am facing a lot of heat for expressing my illogical views about god. And somehow I believe that the probability of creator creating better is little less. Like if god (nature) has created us then certainly we need much more varied aspects to be like him (nature). And safely assuming this I can say that the machines (fitted with alarms) created by man are no better than man. That means that my not having alarm is better than the machines having alarm.

If such is the case then why it is so? Why I am not fitted with an alarm and why it is still better. What if I do something today and it goes wrong. Can I make up for it? What if I can not achieve what I want to today? Is life really an irreversible process? How much a span of n years matters over a span of 2n years? What will I get if I will have an alarm fitted in my brain which will prevent me from doing wrong? How much my doing wrong effect the big picture? What is the big picture?
Deal these questions separately.

May be I am not fitted with an alarm because I should be able to make my life reversible. Reversible in the sense that today’s anger will be tomorrow’s strength and today’s missed opportunities will be tomorrow’s motivation. I feel that not having sense to sense is ok. And if at all I will sense it (in future) I will make up for it. Be reversible, at least try to be one and then you will be free from all your fears and certainly will have a good process i.e. LIFE.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

दोस्ती हो तुम या दोस्त मेरे

दोस्ती हो तुम या दोस्त मेरे,
एहसास हो तुम, या साथ मेरे,

मन की विपदाओं को,
और जीवन की सच्चाई को,
उत्साह से झेलने का एक सहारा,
और चिर हर्ष लिए तुम पार्थ मेरे,

पहलू मेरी पहचान के,
मिट्टी मेरे ख्वाबों के,
जीवन रूपी शाक के,
फल भी तुम, फूल भी तुम,

तस्वीरों में रंग हो तुम,
मन में कुछ रखा समय,
और परछाई हँसी की जैसे,
तुम शीतल मधु और पर्याय मेरे,

कौन हो तुम बताओ ना,
खुशी साथी या ख्वाब,
या तुम प्रतिबिंब मेरे मन का,
दोस्ती हो तुम या दोस्त मेरे…

Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Lovers

The topic of general talks is shifting gradually to babies now.
‘You know she stares at me like that whole night’.
‘He is really a terrorist’.
‘I have quit smoking cigarettes and started chewing nicotine gum’.
‘You don’t know, I am still single’. ‘So what, you don’t need to be married to have one’.
‘My family is pressurizing us to move ahead’.
‘Let me finish my studies before we move ahead’.
‘I will arrange for a place then you can come over.’
‘I can not live alone; it’s high time we should do it.’

All sorts of different situations, different responses from people but these responses have one thing in common. They all are filled with lots of care and concern and yes ‘Love’.

Love the married ones feel for their new born/yet to be born babies.
Love the bachelor ones feel for their babies (girlfriends).

Disclaimer - This post is certainly dedicated to all baby lovers. The comments above are not a work of fiction but can easily be noticed among day to day conversations.

May your love for babies grow more and more! Amen…

P.S. - Read it twice. First as if you are talking about your new born/yet to born kid and second as if you are talking to your girlfriend.