Sunday, August 16, 2009

Indepence Day Special

The subject line of this message may remind you of some local train started on Independence Day, but certainly that is not the purpose of it. The purpose is more of a social kind. I am sure all the readers are socially very active and do a lot for our society. To continue with that spirit, let’s make some resolution on this not-so-special occasion.

1. We will always follow the traffic signal, even if it makes a fool out of us. We will never cross a signal if the light is red. Never mind we are crossing the road or driving the car.
2. I know nobody of us spit on the road and from now onwards we will not also puke on the roads and will try to have a plastic vomiting bag if we have the slightest idea that we are going to get drunk while coming back home. One more step would be to stop others from spitting, if possible.
3. No unnecessary pressing of horn pad, press something else easily available which will give better sound then the horn. But keep your hands away from the horn.
4. A message against smoking or drinking and driving or drugs would be great on the number plate of your vehicle. Instead of keeping it too simple lets have some stylish number plates.
5. Give seat to oldies and kids in bus, train, plane, movie hall wherever possible without any second thought of justification that it is right or wrong.

And last but not the least; keep that smile on your face always. May be nobody had told you before but you look really cool when you smile.

Jai Bharat

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Making girlfriends earlier was a little dangerous issue. First of all it was taken for granted that if you have a girlfriend, you will marry her. Coupled! Coupled not just with the girl but with the commitment, with the imaginary love, with the heroics if your girl is an item, with the body guard kind of feeling in the attempts to stop other gunda boys and with the excitement of meeting the first love of your life!

Secondly if somehow you will not be able to marry her then it automatically makes you mamujaan. Never mind the reasons why you did not get married. Many of my friends became mamu’s quiet proudly. Few more fortunate ones became mamu more than ones. And few legends are still alive in the hope to become a mamu some day.

Love was the driver and lover the passenger in the coupled car. No matter what we will become one day but it was our duty to love and that we did. Loved with everything we have and everything we could have. And finally died as a martyr dies…became mamu.

Mamu or no mamu but I still wonder very few of us could make our girls bua. We used to wait till the girls forcibly marry somebody who is not at all of their choice. Then the life comes to a halt, to a dead end, to an unfillable void, to the irrecoverable moment. You become serious in life. And you forcibly marry somebody else.