Friday, June 5, 2009

Life Span

How much do I think my life span is? Life span does not mean the whole life time. It means like for a single aim or for a single motive how much time do I live in one stretch. I am saying one stretch to focus on that particular time span I spend thinking about that issue or that aim. For example I am writing this blog and my entire mind is thinking about it. No food, no drinks, no hot, no cold nothing but just this blog. Give it a little thought before getting carried over. When I am getting ready for the office I am thinking about my work. When I am working in the office I am thinking about the weekend bash or a night out watching movies. I am getting carried over by this thinking in the middle of my working time. So I consider my life span for working time to be that time in which I was totally focusing on my work. That was for an example. Now think in general how much is your life span for a particular aim? How much time do I spend thinking or working for that aim? My focused and concentrated efforts in that direction. No distraction of food, comfort, thirst, future, dreams, past, pain. The moment I get distracted my life span has ended. Suppose I get distracted by food and I started eating. Then my life span for eating has started. Now if I start watching TV in the middle of my food my life span for food has ended and for TV has started. This is the way I live. In life spans!

My whole life consists of such very long and very short life spans. If I want to achieve something then I should dramatically increase my life span for that purpose. The more I think and work for a single aim the more chances I have of achieving that. This is certainly how it goes for all the physical and non-physical things. Car, house, business, success, meditation, salvation! Almost everything which can be achieved in life. Meditate more and better and you will reach to a level of zero thinking. Basically to a better level!

Now think about decreasing your life span. Decreasing in the sense that focus on the smallest possible activity you are doing. If you are walking focus on your legs. If you are typing focus on your fingers. Observe your body more than thinking about it. Life span of seconds switching from one body act to another body act. And gradually where will you reach….
I leave this post here for you to think. I have successfully conveyed the idea I think. Coming to a conclusion will be more like forcing my thought process on the reader.
Do write your conclusion in the comments section. Feedbacks are the best to know whether I have communicated or not?

P.S. – Meaning of Span (one of few) according to the dictionary.
1.The distance between the tip of the thumb and the tip of the little finger when the hand is fully extended.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Call it my less equipped house or call it an old habit, whenever we eat or drink we tend to put everything on the newspaper. The purpose is to protect the floor or the table. Thanks to all the local supplements or the typical page 3 articles of the newspaper that the newspaper serves more purpose than just a protecting cover. In the middle of any discussion you can safely escape to have a good ‘eye-tonic’, as the chances of the people with whom you are eating or drinking to be beautiful are very less. So why not give some food to your eyes while drinking.
One of my friend’s ‘rate of escape’ later in the drinking session increased noticeably. His involvement in the present discussion hence reduced. He was gazing at a perfect strategically revealing picture of Cameron Diaz. And he was really trying to avoid his glass being kept on the picture.
Few more drinks and few more long escapes. And this provoked us to know the exact reason behind it. With almost an impeccable innocence he said ‘I don’t want to put my glass on the picture as the curves in the picture might topple my glass and I don’t want my drink to get spilled all over her’.
Who says pictures are not lively. After all it is in our own mind which makes thing livelier than they are. One of my all time favorite line also supports this ki ‘नशा शराब में होता, तो नाचती बोतल’.