Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let’s Unlearn..

I am halfway through the canal. It is very unlike a canal. Things are not dark here; at least that is how things have been projected. Flashy and bright! So I am half way through it without any confusion of where to go.
I am a good follower I must say.
Somebody just needs to show me the direction, never mind even the wrong ones.
I like to walk, never mind where I am heading to.
This time a lot of learning has been done. Lots of different conscious experience I have gone through. Conscious because it has been emphasised so many times that we should and must revisit the stuff. Otherwise also I think we will learn. It goes back to your mind where you don’t realise that you have learned.
Now you have disturbed me in the middle of the write up and hence the deviation of the chain of thoughts.
Let’s be back.
Let’s start unlearning the stuff fast so to have a steady life ahead. I did not want to create bumps for myself and then ride on to it and prove myself to be a good rider. Damn a good walker I am. I know that. My fat tummy is the proof of it. Yesterday I went so ahead in my dreams that I forgot the way to come back. And I disappeared in the vagueness of my mind and thoughts. In the absolute of vagueness!
Cool so many things to unlearn now.
But why this unlearning? So that I can write all the meaningless stuff once again. I hate meaningfulness. In the sense and in the attitude also! Let me be the way I am without a damn reason. Without a choice; helpless to the core. Let’s be amusing to others. Let’s talk less this time. “Let’s not do it” this time for a change. Let’s die all over again to live a new life. Let’s unlearn..