Friday, September 23, 2011

Life is moving on

After completing almost 8 months after MBA, I am all set to have a peaceful life?, very ambitious career?, will be filthy rich one day?, will have my own company?, will be working for society?. All these question marks have been there and are still there. What do I need do to do to remove these question marks from my life? Now that is the important question I think. If you can’t beat them join them. That is what the success mantra should be.

But never the less I know the art of achievement. What if my career does not provide me the sense of achievement and appreciation to me? What if my life is not forcing me to quit my job and start over some business? What if I have even stopped thinking about joining some NGO? What if it’s been long since I have actually achieved something great non-materialistically?

So a little analysis before we come to the final conclusion. If I categorize the different times of life then primarily there will be three categories. One when you are down and out. Everything seems not working for you. You are generally in a deep shit. Fucked up with your life, relationship, career, money everything you crave or may crave for that matter. Very similar to what Indian team faced during the recent England tour.

Second would be when you are on a high. When you drink and dope to the death. You buy a lottery ticket and you get the prize too. You go for a vacation to Thailand and Goa with your girlfriends. You are the most important person in the office, star of the month types. You have a girlfriend and a wife too. You are driving the car you never thought of.

Third would be the general life in which you wake up on Monday and don’t want to go to the office. Your tummy is slowly but steadily increasing. Your learning curve is stagnated since long. You have not been hurt/thrilled/happy/sad/fucked since a long time. Basically there is not much difference between you and the flower pot in the house.

So if we see the total life time it is very natural that almost 80% of our life goes in third type of time which is stagnate living. 10% on high and 10% on low!

Every part of time has its importance and there is an art attached to live every part. Like when you are on a high don’t go overboard, I mean you should be able to come back to normal rather than slumping all the way. Low in life is best for learning. The most important lessons of life have been taught in that phase. So one must and must think through this time and learn the art of learning during this time. Also low is generally followed by a very high period. So more and more lows in your life and there are chances that you are going to make it big. Because life will force you to do something which you will never do otherwise.

And then the third and most dangerous one, Normal life! Don’t train yourself to live with the normal life. Very dangerous for the so called achievement and growth in life! But what we essentially need is to understand the art of achievement about which I had talked initially. This art of achievement during the normal time is also important so that you don’t see your life moving on in front of you and not able to do something about it. How to achieve and grow is still a question but need for this achievement and growth is required and one must and must strive for that.


Soliloquy said...

Mariners always live in First or Second category, now I am facing the third one.

"Living Life on Edge is cliche, I aspire for the time when I will have courage to jump off that edge."

Vikas Shrivastava said...

Are Gourav tumne naya profile bana liya kya...vaise I dont think i am a mariner any more....doesnt have that courage in life generally.....and my life is in phase 3 now a the unthrilling days...

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