Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I really cant remember when I first played badminton. I never knew that I will go so far while playing badminton. I dreamt of participating in NBA, playing cricket for my college team (haha, a very long story though), being the best defensive player in volleyball and one stylish ass hole in football. But badminton no, and that too I am now thinking of a badminton related tattoo on me. I know that is a little too much for a 35 year old, regular but not so good player, wanna be professional in sports, to think of. But this is what I am made of. Dreams essentially. Do whatever you do but dream for something day in day out. However far or unreasonable it is, but it is my right, duty, option, best pastime, no option left or a way of life. That is it. And this time it is badminton what I am hitched to. so be it. Dreams take me away from what I do in daily life and from what I am thinking continuously about. I was never an all time thinker. I used to be on the other side of it. Mostly blank in my thoughts. Blank in the content people talk about. Blank from inside of the ambitions. Blank which I am still to fill with some thing meaningful. I know writing to fill some blank spaces will not solve the purpose. But it will either put some black ink in the white space or put some structure to so many thoughts going in the mind. Coming back to how badminton is helping me fill these white spaces is kind of routine. When your body pushes you towards a fitness regime, you don't have a choice but to pick something and I picked badminton. Fortunate that I got a gang in which everybody pretends to love the game. So we play and drop and smash and defend and toss. what!!! yes play with our ambitions, drop the ego, smash the thoughts in air and still defend our positions that we will succeed and still get tossed by life. So be it. Let me not stop playing badminton and let not the dreams come in between filling these white spaces. What will I achieve out of it is not to be seen. I know that this question never comes in mind but I get an answer everyday.

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